Prime Male Review

prime male review

What Is A Testosterone Booster?

A testosterone booster is a supplement made of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and other natural herbal compounds. The idea is that a combination of carefully selected ingredients will work together in such a way that it causes the body to create more of its own testosterone naturally.

Why The Need For Testosterone Boosters?

We’re facing somewhat of an epidemic in today’s modern times. On average, men’s testosterone levels have declined at a rate of roughly 1.25% per year after the age of thirty. What is happening today is that men’s testosterone rates are declining faster than ever before. In fact, the most recent research and study on the topic revealed that men today have roughly 20% less testosterone than men did in the 90s and 80s. Doctors are treating men in their 20s and 30s for issues related to low testosterone now, when they used to only treat men in their 40s and 50s for these types of conditions and issues.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male launched sometime in 2014, and it’s made its mark on the testosterone booster immediately and ever since. I’ve reviewed many testosterone booster products, and I’ve also read through countless prime male reviews, and I have yet to find a better testosterone booster and have yet to see a booster with more overwhelmingly positive reviews. ┬áIt may not be as popular as the Nugenix testosterone booster, but popularity doesn’t automatically equal best product.

Let’s take a closer look at this testosterone booster to understand why its so popular.

Prime Male Ingredients

It’s all about the ingredients with any supplement product, and there are various characteristics of ingredients that you really want to look for when evaluating a testosterone booster. Let’s take a looks at Prime Male’s ingredients.

prime male ingredients

Although it’s not evident from this ingredients label, the first impressive thing about the prime male ingredients is the quality of ingredients that are used in the formula They use the citrate and chelate form of the ingredients they use. These are more expensive, but they are absorbed much better by the body which almost makes them a concentrated form of the ingredients.

The next thing you notice is the number of ingredients included in the formula. So you have a frame of reference, you should know that I have a difficult time finding testosterone boosters with more than five total ingredients, and by comparison, Prime Male has a whopping 12 ingredients.

Even more impressive is that all but one of the 12 ingredients have been proven by science to increase testosterone. The one ingredient that is not proven to boost testosterone is BioPerine, and that ingredient was purposely used because it helps the body absorb the other ingredients 10x to 20x more than if it didn’t have BioPerine.

The next thing you’ll notice is that Prime Male lists out every individual ingredient dosage. It doesn’t hide any dosages in a proprietary blend of some sort. Every dosage is listed so you know exactly how much of every ingredient you’re getting, and you can determine its effectiveness based on that information.

Not only are all the dosages listed, but the dosages are powerful and potent. What good would it do to have all these great ingredients only to be under dosed and non-effective. Believe it or not, I run into that issue all the time.


When you look at the quality of ingredients, the number of ingredients, and the powerful dosages make this the best testosterone booster on the market.