Body Building- Top reasons to body build

There are numerous people who strive to lead healthy and fit lifestyles but different people have different reasons for wanting to body build. Below are some of the top reasons.

man squating

Building self esteem

There are certain people who have very bad experiences as children and they become the victims of bullying either verbally, physically or both. For such reasons, such people normally have very low self esteem and they feel that they would like to give it a boost.

At times, some people are genetically born with smaller frames and they feel they would like to enlarge them to as point. There is nothing wrong with that, some training will build any type of body and people who feel they want to should not just disqualify themselves simply because they are smaller. Of course, just looking at a body builder can be very intimidating and they do feel untouchable because really, who wants to pick a fight with such a person? The kind of training body builders go also builds confidence in such people and they feel like they belong somehow rising their self esteem higher.

To look great

For most people, body building is all about looking great and achieving a better look. Some people recognize how others perceive of react to bulky bodies and they crave such a reaction for themselves, which drives them to do it. Most people tend to believe that with a larger well toned body, they will look more attractive and noticeable to the opposite sex and they tend to feel a whole lot sexier than before. This is actually reason enough for most people to get to the gym and work hard to get the sexy, well toned bodies they so desire.

To lose weight

There are other people who become very shy once they get heavier and they feel that body building will give them the confidence they need. Body building is also very effective in losing weight but of course, one needs to have guidance because just winging it could cause serious injuries and risks to your health. What happens is that, after all the fat becomes lean muscle, they transform so dramatically that it becomes an instant boost of confidence. This means that if you have been feeling short of confidence, you could head to the gym and get some workout.

To become healthy

Becoming healthy is very important and some people choose to discipline themselves through body building. Most people are aware of all the sacrifices they need to make, as well as the dedication and commitment required of them and they choose to do it because they know what they will be getting from it.

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